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Now that SPQR IXIII has been published, the pipeline is empty. Is this the end of the series?

BTW The level of security to register is absolutely absurd.
SPQR XIV: DOLABELLA, is in my computer right now. I am just being terribly slow about finishing it. But it's good to know there's anticipation out there.
Pecunia non olet
Hello Mr. Roberts,
I just finished reading the whole Series for the second time and after that I started soem research on the Question whether there will be another Book published in the SPQR-Series...
And then I found this Post. But since this Post some time has passed and so my Question is: Can you give me(us) an Update on the Status of SPQR XIV: Dolabella?

Kind regards,
Alex Rieger
Me too John!
Richard Campbell
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Patience! Patience!
Pecunia non olet
Greetings Mr. Roberts. Still looking toward to SPQR XIV.Any update? Also, was wondering if Decious was a part of the conspiracy to kill Ceaser? Is he writing this awaiting the first citizens men to come kill him? I aways thought this was the case. Am I right?
I'll get it done pretty soon. Believe me, there are people pressing me much harder than you guys.
Any news on the new book? As been now about one year....
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an update would be greatly appreciated...
And again nearly one year gone and no new book ... unfortunately, the replacement drog from Lindsay Davis is not working ... still waiting ... for now a long, long time ...
Any updates or news?

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