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Republican Belt and Pugio
With a BIG thanks to Adrian Wink I have made a small start on a few objects for my Late Republican Impression. I hope I'm on the right track here,
I have made a white woolen tunic, maille hamatta with a leather strap for the cape fastener, from what I think is depicted on the Ahenobarbus Relief (I could be wrong), Brown sagum cloak with penannular pin.
I am going to make some knee length woolen pants, but unsure about footware.

Here is the picture so far of a belt buckle and pugio (thanks Adrian, and for the Pugio as well) and the strap from the relief mentioned above.

[Image: P7160315_edited.jpg]

I welcome any critisism so that my impression can be up to scratch.
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Looks pretty good so far Tim! Keep at it.
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very nice Tim ,are u doing late republic ? I would like to see your Hamata Strap did Adrian reproduce that too ,He's proved a very Helpfull guy to me also Big Grin cheers dave
Hannibal ad portas ! Dave Bartlett . " War produces many stories of fiction , some of which are told until they are believed to be true." U S Grant
It sounds as if you have made a good start. Watch out for one or two things though. Avoid trousers of any sort if you are going to do a late Republican impression. Whilst we simply do not know what some soldiers might have pressed into service for use on campaign in the late republic we have no actual evidence for the use of trousers by Roman legionaries prior to the Dacian wars, over a hundred years later. If you want to keep warm, there are other options available to you (see this article for more information):

Secondly, your pugio. The shape of the blade is okay and falls just within the known range of shapes. However, the pommel is odd. I would expect the pommel expansion on a pugio of this period to be circular. I do not know of any late republican period pugiones with surviving pommel expansions which are not round. There are some earlier Spanish examples with handles which feature a pair of circular expansions on the top of the pommel expansion but to the best of my knowledge these are not found outside the Iberian penisular. Therefore, I strongly recommend that you cut the pommel expansion into a circular shape. If you have already finished the handle in the space of time which has passed between posting the picture and me noticing it, you will need to take the handle apart again and modify the shape of the pommel expansion to a circular shape I am afraid.

I hope this helps and does not land you with too much extra work


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I think that the tang should be changed completely for with this type of handle the pugio becomes top heavy, check out a few originals and you will find that most only have a 1/4" width of tang that is just over half the length of the hand grip.
Then with pressed out handle pieces and a thin wood between them you have a semi hollow hand grip that not only looks original but feels good also and it does not drag the belt down by being too heavy.
Brian Stobbs

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