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Hardtack - mjsanta83 - 05-22-2017


So I made these...


I got the recipe from

I had to alter the recipe a little, I was unable to make it with the amount of water that is used.

They are interesting.  Exactly as described; hard enough to break a tooth, but not terrible bad to eat (just add some honey...)

Anyone else tried it?

RE: Hardtack - mjsanta83 - 07-05-2017

Just a short follow up.

I actually take one of these to work everyday in case the food I bring with me isn't enough for the day depending on what I'm doing (I work outside the city in 'no mans land' so there is nowhere to go for food). I have on occasion pulled one of these out and ate it in front of my coworkers, who always ask "What the heck is that?" Gives me an interesting opportunity to talk about some re-enacting stuff.

As I said previously, they are not terribly bad. I put it in the soup I brought for lunch one day and it was pretty good. I actually prefer to just eat them plain. They are quite filling.

RE: Hardtack - Dan Howard - 07-05-2017

Very cool. Store a couple of them in a wooden box in the cool and see how long they keep.

RE: Hardtack - Longovicium - 07-05-2017

Nice - I plan to make some in preparation for the overnight bivouac I will doing in the next week or so.

RE: Hardtack - Roman Joe - 07-05-2017

                I made some for our group last year, like you I had to add extra water to the mix, but they turned out ok.

They had a mixed reception within the group though, but by breaking them up and adding to the soup we make, they were fine.

A couple of members still have some left from last year and they are still ok.

Francis go for it , they are pretty straightforward to make, just watch you don’t break your teeth on them Big Grin

RE: Hardtack - Longovicium - 07-05-2017

Don't worry - I'll take me dentures out!